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Italian ice cream from our own factory

There is traditional Italian artisan ice cream with true taste and good consistency.

We only use high-quality luxury products such as fresh fruit, milk and cream.

We also only use natural products that are made from 100% fruit and fresh cream.
We do not pile our ice cream for decoration as we believe there is a risk of losing quality.

Every day the VENEZIA ice cream is incorporated with sauces and fruits made with love.
Our incomparable milk from the local area is processed within 15 hours.

When we serve our ice cream to children, but also to adults, we always enjoy watching the children laugh and jump up when they make a joke and eat the ice cream themselves.

Glückliche Eiscreme-Esser
Ice Cream Zeit

Real Venezia ice cream. Incredibly delicious!

Venezia's home-made ice cream is made using a historic Italian recipe and does not contain unnecessary emulsifiers, colorings, preservatives or ready-made mixes.

Natural Italian ice cream You can tell, for example, that your palate is not raw after eating, but that your tongue slips, so to speak. This is how you recognize the cheap vegetable fats. You don't need any of this to make good ice cream.

Natural Italian ice creamalso doesn't have bright colors. Because these are achieved by adding tasteless colorings.
You won't find this in the original Venezia ice cream either:
For the love of enjoyment!

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